Friday, January 13, 2012

Experimental Drawings

Just experimenting with new things... I really like how the first one turned out. It feels more finished, the others feel more like studies.

Charcoal, India Ink, Oil Bar

Fun With Mono-Printing

This was my first time mono-printing and I really liked it! Wanna do it again sometime soon for sure!

Self Portrait

Here's a self portrait I made in advanced drawing. Jean didn't think the portrait itself was working, but liked what was going on behind it. This is definitely still a work in progress.

Charcoal, India Ink, Gesso, Mixed Media

Monday, January 9, 2012


For an assignment about creating myths. I don't know anyone in my neighborhood, so I invented people I'd like to know.

Watercolor, Crayon, Marker

Self Portraits

I made the self portrait on the top during 2nd semester of Sophomore year, and the one on the bottom during 1st semester of Junior year. They're pretty big, around 22x60" maybe?

Charcoal, India Ink, Mixed Media

Charcoal, India Ink, Mixed Media

My Factory

My first drawing assignment for Advanced Drawing with Jean Blackburn was to make our best drawing and our worst drawing. I'm not sure where the worst one went.

Charcoal, Mixed Media

Drawing With Color Pt.2

And these were the drawings I made when I was just having fun and not caring so much about the concept:


Drawing With Color

All of these pieces are from the class I took with Tony Janello. I had a really hard time figuring out what I wanted to do, and in the end I just ditched the series I had been struggling to develop all semester and focused instead on enjoying the process of just drawing. It was a nice lesson for me to learn that not everything has to have a meaning, that I can draw just for the hell of it so my mind can relax and have fun.

This is the series I eventually gave up on...

this was my attempt to digitally alter the crayon drawing

Fun Stuff

I was toying with the idea of having set backgrounds with moveable character sticker-like things and furniture and stuff. Pretty much a more sophisticated sticker book. I didn't end up following it up much more than this but I'm still pretty fascinated by the idea. Probably gonna do something similar in the future.

Gel Medium Transfer on Stonehenge Paper

Watercolor and Pencil

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sophomore Year Second Semester

Here's some collage work I made two semesters ago in Judy Sue's Illustration class. I was really excited to discover my love for collage, and I'm still trying hard to figure it out.